1. Please add a possibility to remove the percentage an show only the number on battery overlay percent


  2. Hey! A huge thanks for Battery Overlay Percent! Just the right solution for such a need, covering even lock screen well enough!

    I’ve just tried it on my wife’s s4mini and noticed two (ok, bonus third one) annoyances:
    1) Home and lock screen now have different statusbar’s font color (white), or maybe it’s every time statusbar is transparent, while back to default (gray) when running apps (and statusbar is black). Then Battery Overlay Percent looks odd at one of them. It’d be great to have options for that.
    2) S-View (that window in s4/s4mini’s cover, where basic info can be seen with it closed) doesn’t follow lock or home screen’s layout and have no customization options. Thus, being that it doesn’t show clock at top right (just a big clock at bottom left), Battery Overlay Percent is shown on top of phone’s signal strength icon only in that screen. That might be a bit tougher to fix but, considering samsung’s market share and that it’s for their flagships, would be a good thing to get fixed.
    3) Battery Overlay Percent sometimes simply went away at home screen only, coming back at any other screen it was supposed to. I didn’t manage to map out well enough to always reproduce it.

    Again, great job! And thanks once more!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback!

      1. please contact me by email and send me picture I’d love to understand that one.
      2. prior to answering you I’ve looked on Samsung’s developer website

      unfortunately I didn’t find a method telling us if the device is in “s-view” state.
      If you find me any code or method to detect such I’d do my best to offer this customization.

      3. if by went away you mean the overlay doesn’t show on battery I’ve been able to reproduce this on S2/S3s but it was due to Samsung’s statusbar moving. another reason for the overlay to hide and come back is lockscreen’s fullscreen’s and notifications.
      It’ll be great to get a pattern in order to solve it if it’s by the application.

      Feel free to contact me by e-mail with screenshots which would make it better for me to understand the oddities and try to fix them asap.

  3. Hi,

    I really like this app and have it on my N4, N5 and N7. One aspect that is quite annoying is the frequent disappearance of the overlay which requires relaunch of the app. Please fix this.

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      Sadly this is a KITKAT BUG! (by Google…) I’m trying all sort of workarounds but I really hope that Google will fix it soon. you’ll notice also some widgets by other developers are getting killed in the process.

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