Privacy Policy

All applications by Tal Aviram respects your privacy.
Unless stated otherwise, no data is being sent to me or any third-party except the exceptions stated below.

Google Play / Apple’s AppStore Anonymous Statistics:
A common practice on such services is provide anonymized information regarding crash reports, install statistics, etc. The following provided by the service the application has been downloaded from and does not contain any identifying information.

Any additional behavior (eg. In-App-Purchase, Ads) is described by the app store listing.

Currently there’s no app obtaining any privacy concerning data.

Feel free to contact me on any additional concern you might have.

Apps containing ads:

For apps using ads, no data is collected by me (Tal Aviram). However, Google and/or Google AdMob requires collecting data as part of ads integration. The apps themselves, don’t store, use or collect any of this information which is collected and managed by the AdMob SDK.