Battery Overlay Percent 1.0.6 Released!

Battery Overlay Percent 1.0.6 Released!

– 1.0.6
* Outline width is now customizable! (better readability with KitKat and high-res devices , Eg. N5)
* L-Preview initial compatibility (I tried my best without real device available for testing).
* Portuguese Translation (Thanks Renato!)
* Upon updates app should rerun by itself.


  1. Hi!

    I’m sorry to dig such an old app up but there’s nothing compared to it and I really need it! I had Battery Percent Overlay and its Key back in the day but, when I switched to a new phone in 2017 I settled for Samsung’s aside percentage.

    However, with current punch holes / notches, this app is more useful than ever! Saving that much space on Samsung’s means being able to bring clock back to right with no more compromises that omitting VoLTE icon, for example!

    Unfortunately, Battery Percent Overlay is no longer compatible with Android 8 / Oreo on, Google Play doesn’t even list it and, if you can get to it there from Google search, Google Play tells it’s not compatible with my version. However, the same does not happen for the Key, which is listed and is installable.

    That being, believing it would still work, would you please release at least one last version with NO version restriction, the same way as for Battery Percentage Overlay Key, so that we could give it a try?

    Thank you so much for this app and your attention!


    1. Hi Janz,
      Sadly Google made many changes to “secure” Android without providing legitimate apps get those permissions.
      The key wasn’t maintained (it’s a separate app…) so I wasn’t able to update one that lists as it’s complex to update to Play Store each time.

      You can try download the apk out of the play store but it’s not that useful with modern Android.

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