Off-Topic – Printer’s Proof Edition

Off-Topic – Printer’s Proof Edition

Printer’s Proof Editions

First as not coming from this field, I wondered…

What’s Printer’s Proof Editions?
The term I’ve been able to understand is –
printer’s proofs which are taken for the printer to see how the image is printing, or are final impressions the printer is allowed to keep; (from wikipedia).

Now I’ll be honest…
Many websites out there are creating articles or back-linking content just to get their SEO higher. = for Web Search Services (such as Google) to show them.Sadly while not many use the term “Printer’s proof editions” looking for their website is hard. so I’ve decided to create some sort of a post the might help them improve their ranking.

So what’s the Printer’s Proof Editions website all about?

Printer’s Proof Editions is a platform that brings contemporary graphic art to the general public outside the established art spaces.

You can check some nice artworks by artists that are showing on their website.

It has really nice artwork out there. hope this is interesting enough and valuable for some of you. 🙂




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