Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.7

Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.7

Battery Overlay Percent has been updated to version 0.9.7.

Maintaining code is complicated and time consuming so many features yet to come 🙂

    What’s new?

– 0.9.7
* bug where percent showed on full screen when receiving notification.
* better handling for multi-line notifications.

* improved menu design (hope this will be the last extreme-makeover)

* sound notification when connected/disconnect from power.
* support for Motorola’s alternative battery percentage method.
* add option to use Motorola’s one-percent-hack for better accuracy on motorola device.
* separate lock screen offset & alignment.
* full alignment options to overlay for better compatibility.
* 4.3 support (Notification Listener)

My own favorite with this release is actually the sound notification.
For non Samsung users –
Don’t you have it when you connect the device and discover in the morning the phone didn’t charge?

This is actually what’s this feature all about!

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