Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.7

Battery Overlay Percent has been updated to version 0.9.7.

Maintaining code is complicated and time consuming so many features yet to come 🙂

    What’s new?

– 0.9.7
* bug where percent showed on full screen when receiving notification.
* better handling for multi-line notifications.

* improved menu design (hope this will be the last extreme-makeover)

* sound notification when connected/disconnect from power.
* support for Motorola’s alternative battery percentage method.
* add option to use Motorola’s one-percent-hack for better accuracy on motorola device.
* separate lock screen offset & alignment.
* full alignment options to overlay for better compatibility.
* 4.3 support (Notification Listener)

My own favorite with this release is actually the sound notification.
For non Samsung users –
Don’t you have it when you connect the device and discover in the morning the phone didn’t charge?

This is actually what’s this feature all about!

המדריך לגלישה סלולרית
Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.8


  1. Great! But when you add functionality to change position depending of 3-4 digit in 24th time format?

    • Thanks!
      Very soon (few days). I’m testing it now hoping it’s working as expected without breaking other things.

  2. it works correctly @ I like it, i hope it will continue to perform very well

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