Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.8

Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.8 Released.

Battery Overlay Percent is the most advanced Android battery status bar solution to show the percentage over you battery icon (instead of additional notification) while not requiring root or modifying your device.


* bug-fixes.
* 3 digit support for 24h clock.
* Russian, Polish and Hebrew translations.
* Hide on lock screen set default.


Battery Overlay Percent 0.9.7
Battery Overlay Percent 1.0!


  1. Here are some suggestion for you…
    1. Hope to have different color setting to indicate different battery level for better recognition.
    2. Could the battery percent text manually input font size?

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      Both features will be included in the next version.
      However I should get some heads up,
      Those additional customization will be available as a premium paid feature.

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